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Buyer Beware - Carpet Cleaning Coupon Scams

Make sure you understand the fine print before you get the "bait and switch"

It's been a common practice for years now that carpet cleaning companies will publish coupons with an unbelievable "per-room" rate (often as low as $5.99 or $6.99 per room). This seems like a great deal, until you read the entire coupon. At the bottom of most cleaning company coupons, there is a per square foot charge to either prepare, pretreat, deep soak, or some other term that seems like it would be included in "cleaning".

Often these per square foot charges can be as high as $0.49 per square foot. That means that even if your room is only 10' x 10' (which would be a relatively small bed room) that is 100 square feet, which means you're $5.99 coupon just cost you an additional $49.00. If you have a relatively normal size living room, say 15' x 12' you're now looking at almost $90 in addition to the rate quoted on the coupon.

White Glove Cleaning is always happy to give you a full and honest quote before we start doing any of the work. We can give you a quote either over the phone at 651-768-0020 or you canĀ request a quote online. We look forward to helping you, regardless of the job, and we promise there will never be any sticker shock when we hand you the bill.