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Water Damage in The Twin Cities

If you have had water damage in your home, it’s important to work with a professional immediately to ensure that the problem is corrected the right way the first time. Nothing causes damage like water; the smallest amount of moisture stored inside of a wall can expand when it freezes and do unimaginable damage.

Detecting Water Damage

water damage insurance claim after flood clean-up

Without a moisture meter, thermo-hygrometer and a Thermo Infrared camera it is impossible to detect and identify water damage and the source. The naked eye and the touch of water are only the "tip of the iceberg". Some thrifty do it yourselfers find out the hard way that the Target dehumidifier and a box fan will only dry to its capacity. Furthermore, the ambient air temperature must be just right for the scientific process of evaporation to occur.

There are several ways that water damage can occur in your home; some of the most common involve:

• Plumbing problems
• Upstairs laundry rooms (overflowing, leaking, etc)
• Serious Storms & Flooding
• Roof damage
• Unsealed joints in roof or walls
• Fires

If you have had water damage in your home for any reason, call White Glove Cleaning to speak to a team of water removal experts who can help guide you through the entire process. We can help you work with your homeowners insurance company to help give you an accurate estimate of what you will have to pay (typically very little) and what we can expect from the insurance company (which usually covers a great majority of water damage).

Three steps to reversing water damage

These are the basic steps to dry the permeable material.

  1. EXTRACTION without it you already lost the battle
  2. CONDITIONS without the perfect, ripe conditions such as air temperature the dehumidifier will not work! In fact, the dehumidifier may be working in the opposite fashion by adding moisture to the air.
  3. AIR MOVEMENT without the warm, dry air circulating the wet material, you will start to see mold instantly if the mold was pre-existing or in about 14 days once the spore germinates.

Water Damage Causes Mold.

MOLD: now that you have mold because the do it your-selfer way did not work the client must now pay 2-5 times the cost of a dry out. If we set up the drying equipment and go through the evaporation process as I spoke of earlier, mold spores will be spread throughout the room and eventually in the HVAC system which now contaminated the entire home. The Avg dry out is $2000. and the avg mold remediation project WITH the dry out is $10,000.

Why Do It Yourself Water Damage Removal is a Terrible (and Dangerous) Idea

To some homeowners, water removal seems like it should be pretty simple. They set up a few fans and keep the windows open, and once there is no more water visible, they call it “dry”. The problem is, the moisture that threatens to damage your home is mostly invisible. The smallest amount of moisture, in the wrong place, can damage the very structure of your home. Moisture can expand and crack the concrete blocks that make up the foundation of your home. Moisture can also cause mold which can not only cause damage to wood, sheetrock, and other building materials, but it can make the very air in your home dangerous to breath.

Effectively Removing Water & Water Damage Requires SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT

Most box store dehumidifiers are basically air conditioners. They can only evaporate a certain number of pints per day AND at the AHAM rating. AHAM rating is Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers insure the end user that the water removal capacity and energy factor claimed for a dehumidifier which carries the AHAM Verification Mark is accurate. The AHAM rating is a huge part of the equipment choice based on the cubic feet of the drying area AND more importantly the capacity of the equipment in perfect, ripe conditions:

Dry-bulb Temperature: 80ºF
Wet-bulb Temperature: 69.6ºF
Relative Humidity: 60%.

In other words the Target dehumidifier you just bought for $200. is useless because the unit you’re using in the room is too small, the room temperature is not right and the box fan is only blowing cold wet air around. We have invested THOUSANDS of dollars to insure only the best, proper equipment is used to maximize the results. WE USE LGR DEHUMIDIFIERS. LGR Dehumidifiers are the most common type of dehumidifier used by water restoration professionals. LGR refers to Low Grain Refrigerant units. Unlike Conventional Refrigerants, an LGR unit will continue to remove water below 55grains per pound - even below 40 grains per pound (GPP).

How White Glove Removes Moisture and Water Damage

We use state of the art equipment including infrared sensors to pin point both the water damage, and the source of the leak to fix the problem, and prevent future issues. Our moisture removal process utilizes the most thorough and effective techniques to get the job done right the first time. If you have water damage in your home, trust the professionals at White Glove Cleaning. Relying on cut rate companies or doing it yourself can leave your home with dangerous mold and structural damage.

Unsurrpassed customer service and expertise is restoring damaged properties.

We exceed every customer's needs and expectations with integrity, proactive communication, and only the highest quality products, services and equipment delivered in a timely manner.


  • We work for you, the insured, NOT the insurance company.
  • Comprehensive Estimates The president of WG will personally estimate your project and provide a no cost no obligation estimate using the same software the insurance company uses. Mike Groch has trained insurance adjusters and estimators on the use of this software.
  • Close end Contract the only cost to the insured will be the deductible.
  • GUARANTEE- we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our work.